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Not a single day can go by without my awareness of how damn blessed I am.

That I have a family who accepts me as I am, idiot choices and all, who support me and tell me again again how proud they are of not just my accomplishments, but my simple efforts in trying to accomplish things.
That I have a job (two jobs...or three, depending on what happens in the next few weeks) that is not only constant, but satisfying. The me a decade ago would not expect me to be here, would expect greater, more glamorous things, but I am honestly satisfied with this place I'm at and grateful every day I have. It's a relief to know I have a means to pay back the expenses I've laid on my family, doubly so in this state where the unemployment is just abysmal. I have no intention of griping unduly or taking this job for granted.
That I have friends near and far who celebrate me in my victories and console me in my failures, who endure my moments of paranoia and pettiness, who seem to always open their arms to me regardless of circumstances, who open themselves to me as I to them. That forgive me when I'm wrong and make me better each time I stumble.
That I have strangers and acquaintances who encourage and admire the work I do, who, like my friends, justify my efforts to share the things I have turning around in my head. I am always humbled by the notion of faraway strangers liking something I've done or thought of.
That by the grace of God I wake up every day safe, given the chance to see and do so many different things. That I have the most beautiful commute to remind me of how amazing this whole thing is, being here and all that good stuff.

I'm turning 25 this Thursday and I've already gotten such lovely gifts of all kinds. I'm super, extremely lucky and I won't forget it. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for being a factor in my life, no matter how big or small.
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