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context courtesy of jojo )

Man I can barely keep my eyes open yet I'm starving THIS IS A REAL DILL OF A PICKLE
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Hottest day of the summer and somebody busts up our electricity in Waltz and we lose power for half a day. BUT it came back so. Here I be.

Test drive to the shoe place was okay, except for all the damn construction. My gas tank, it weeps. It'll take me nearly an hour and fifteen minutes to get up there, methinks. So I'll leave two hours early.

I had this really funky dream about being in a ballet school and being upset and crying because I can't kneel/bend my knees far enough, and then quite suddenly it was about trying to keep some freak from harvesting Slo-bo's organs? And then it was Regina making pancakes for Saitou and Kiryu???

I did have pancakes today. But that doesn't explain why I dreamed it before.

hi are we sick of darkov stuff yet )
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ohhh lj. *holds in hands

okay whatever have some outfits and things )



Jul. 31st, 2009 08:55 pm
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art dump here )

Black circles under my eyes. I have to sleep early.

My uncle is here. He's fun, but I'm just so tired. *holes up in room
Commissions are moving along well, and I feel like all but two should be done before Saturday even thinks of hitting. Storyboards take longer though. Mmmyep.

Let's do this while I take a break from pencil-pushing.

Pick some OCs and I'll say...
→ why I decided to write/draw this character
→ my favorite scene or bit of interaction concerning this character to date
→ my favorite aspect about this character
→ the last thing they did "off screen"
→ what their last words would be if they died tomorrow
→ what the next thing I'm doing for them is (narrative, post, shelving, whatever)

I picked some, but you can pick some too from this hideously long character list from memes past if you so feel inclined but by no means must feel pressured into doing so.

I picked standards )

Uuu I hope my order for Baccano! v3 and Teen Titans s5 comes in this week.
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Jojo, that review was the funniest movie review I've read. Granted, I don't read a lot of them, but STILL. Nice find. ♥

Here have a storyboard I slaved over and yet now feel a little off about. Because everything seems fine to me, but exposing this shit to the outside world makes me uncomfortable. Dialogue has been omitted because...whatever. Make your own assumptions I guess.

24 frames at approx 400x395 apiece, give or take. )
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That writer's block prompt this week is pretty neat. Generalized, but neat.

What fictional character do you relate to?
Lina Inverse. She's someone who likes to be in control of a situation, and so am I. I don't like being vulnerable. She has a gift and she works at it all the time--so do I. She is kind of stupid to romance, and I've had enough experience with that to know that yeah, I am, too. I'm not as sensitive about my body, but I'm not going to be caught dead in a bikini or short shorts, I'll tell you that. Her temper's more explosive than mine, but I don't like to spew my rage publically, so. Dry sarcasm as well, wahey. She's got goals and she'll grab them by the balls--here's hoping I can develop some more of that tenacity.

Time to actually scan.

there's 13 images under here okay i'm sorry they've just been building up and now i'm vomitting them all over your fl but HEY THERE'S VARIETY )

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This is a lot of tl;dr about stories and characters okay. But there are pictures. You can make fun of my bad ideas and character breakdowns!!

but it's still tl;dr )

Okay that's all good job people go have a nap.
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ernfnaf drawingsu )

Okay so hey. The Motown Motion Picture Studio is totally hiring in 3,000 people by the fall and you totally don't need experience so I am totally smashing my face against them so fast. I must finish this portfolio piece and slap it in my flash file and throw it at them. I better do some quick storyboards and put them in there, too. Goddd they should just hire me now fffuck I NEED MY WEBSITE UP SHIT.
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THE ONE TIME I STARE DOWN AT MY DRAWING INSTEAD OF THE ROAD AND THE SUPERINTENDANT PULLS UP AND AURHGgifods he better not yell at anyone about me not standing up when he pulled up I was drawing something hgrhjng. HhhHHHHhh.

Okay whatever I drew things.

i hate swords )

and if these don't load it's tegaki's fault not mine )
Okay whoever is handling the scanlation of Pandora Hearts over at OneManga needs to take more time in actually tweaking the grammar and uh. Stop using multiple fonts. Like the shitty cursive font. I know it's meant to be pretty or whatever but it really distracts me. I barely even know what happened dialogue-wise in 17 because I couldn't be bothered to trudge through the annoying fonts. But that Fang guy already has my undivided attention. There is a Xelloss vibe there that is relevent to my interests.

Work wasn't bad. This weekend will be mercifully mild, so people will be easier to handle. And I only do breaks on Monday so woop. But it better be a substantial day of breaks, otherwise I'll be wasting gas. Last time I was on that shift, it only took me two hours and I went through a good amount of gas driving all around. 8| And now that gas has gone up to $2.53...hhhhHHHHHhh.

Rewatching Good Night, and Good Luck was refreshing. David Strathairn has a really nice face. I might sit down and draw him sometime just for kicks. I wouldn't mind doing another Kingsley!Gandhi face again, too, and maybe update it in my portfolio. Hm.

Bleeblooblah, here have some drawings )

AaAaAAaa I have the rest of the day what am I going to doooooo. Maybe reorganize my comic boxes. Pull some repeats and leave them in the booths for everyone else to read and boggle overenjoy. Ayepa. At least I'll have some place to put all my repeats that I keep buying because of dumb variants and my own retardation.

And HA HA who saw the preview graphic for Deadpool in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2? Something is so off and I think it's the boots.

I miss Dre already. :(
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I'm sorry for being so flaky with responses, guys. But thank you for them. And all the advice--I'll keep it all in mind, for sure. I feel okay. Sometimes I feel a little anxious, sitting around, waiting, but that's no big deal. I'm hoping that this is just a one-time thing.

And THANK YOU for all the delicious tuneage. My harddrive weeps, but it'll take it like a bitch.

Now more art dump. +11: more designs and five pencilled comic pages )


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