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This includes pen work from yesterday that I couldn't post because the blizzard knocked my internet out 8[

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Jan. 10th, 2011 03:05 pm
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we had
a 2000-person church picnic today
on top of the 3-day carshow/swap meet
headaches all day
rude sirs being rude (but rare so it wasn't a terrible day)
but amagad
no mo' please

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Btw you guys Sufjan's new EP is yummy go listen
i will never make a post with intelligent words
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*stares at stuff I need to draw...
*stares at logs...

*did i mention [ profile] wondertits yet
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No word from Cinepro yet, but it's still early. Submitted to a posting for someone seeking a "comic book character artist" about an hour ago, so...We'll see. I'm too tired to worry about it. It's my foot that has me worried. Stupid achy pain, go away. Don't be arthritis. I don't know what I'd do if the arthritis spread. I'd just.

Go insane I guess.

One more day of work and I get my off day HURRAY. Noodles needs to be back like NOW though because I'm slowly losing my mind without her making me lose my mind.

There's a lot of insanity references in this post idk what that's all about but w/e. I was pretty pumped about America's Got Talent tonight. YEAHHH PRINCE POPPYCOCK YOU KINDA SUCK BUT I LOVE YOU ANYWAY.

The tagline for the new Yogi Bear movie is "Great things come in bears." Um........
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I've been walking around all day with that sticky-eyelid prelude-to-illness feeling, and I'd love to do nothing more than freebase vitamin C to prevent it if this wasn't my longass schoolday. One more class. Mildly freaked out about walking to my car! Warm weather = more muggers?? I don't know. Maybe I should, like, check my school's security page for the volunteers who walk you wherever you need to go. I'm such a tool, but at least I won't be the tool potentially attacked? Whatevs.

[ profile] rawowner333 I bet you're reading this entry at some point today and let me just say THIS LUNCHROOM IS RONERY. But idk what you've been up to and my phone has no reception in here so OH WELL.

Uhh. Stuff. I don't know. It's always a little strange when people compliment my OCs or ideas; it's not something I can talk about in person, face-to-face, because I get frazzled and mumbly and start to downtalk it without realizing it. But it's just amazing to me that my stupid ideas seem significant to someone other than myself? Especially when I've been told "lol girl nobody cares about your ideas at your age" several times before. 8|a

But it does mean a lot to me, even if I just keysmash or say something stupid about it. I'm just not great at accepting praise?


Friendships were discussed in gencomm today. We did an activity and had to list 10 close friends? And I...could barely crack 8? Not without rethinking what it meant to be a "close" friend. And after we discussed the variances on it for people it was easier, but it did make me realize how my friendships work between friends irl, online, and between genders for both. And that maybe I'm just not good at the styles of friendships as most people relate to. Female-wise, at least.

I'm not very good at long talks or deep conversation or being able to come up with something insightful to say. At least, I don't think so. And when someone gives me that kind of support, I don't know how to take it well? "Thank you" never seems enough, because it really isn't.

And even if I don't converse doesn't make time spent around/with/doing something with someone any less valuable. The doing aspect of a friendship can be just as important as the saying. It's a more masculine approach, stereotypically, but everybody does it. I just hope I don't come across as too cold sometimes.

So tell me about what's been going on with you guys. I know I don't comment around as much as I ought to, but if there's something you wanna talk about? Bam. I'll try. I may not have great insight, but I do have funny icons?

I need to stop being so scared of the dark outside. Either that, or I need to make friends here. What the hale.
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February is over and I drew every day somehow. I HAD NO IDEA THERE WERE STIPULATIONS BEYOND DRAWING EVERY DAY. Maybe there isn't? Maybe it's just good I drew? Who knows?!

Draw nothing but original characters for a month: Oh woops; WELL YOU GUYS KNOW HOW I ROLL. A little from column A, a little from column B. IS THIS BAD?
Draw once everyday: Yes
Draw pictures with things going on: Oh woops. Well. Some of them??

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