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Not a single day can go by without my awareness of how damn blessed I am.

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I'm turning 25 this Thursday and I've already gotten such lovely gifts of all kinds. I'm super, extremely lucky and I won't forget it. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for being a factor in my life, no matter how big or small.


Oct. 5th, 2010 04:12 pm
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I just ate a cider mill donut and you are jealous. Mary was very nice. I learned a lot. I think I need to go back to ask sommore, but we'll see how much I can get down with the 6 pages of notes I do have. I SAW AN OSTRICH AND A COW MOO'D AT ME ANGRILY.

The new lj header combined with my default looks like Christmas, which is annoying, but dammit, at least the graphic isn't preschool.

Man I feel like I did more today than I do on a weekend, and I still have a night class to go to.,.

And Nieva's tail is curled around the side of my face...


Sep. 25th, 2010 10:11 pm
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So uh.

Our shower is leaking from the faucet and the showerhead, and we can't really...get it to stop. So tomorrow we have to call a plumber. Weekend plumbing rates...Nnnh. I feel like I'm going to be handing back the money Mom gave me. And then some.

Positive is that Ron Podell called to set up that interview. Negative is that my phone was on vibrate and I missed that call, but somewhat-positive is that he said to call him back. So I will first thing Monday morning. I hope I hope I hope I hope I need a job for winter.

I'm starting to feel a little anxious again, but I'm going to try to keep myself under control. Problems don't get solved in a panic.
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The weather was pretty much heaven on earth and I had no complaints about working the easy-bake booth. Did nothing but finally get around to reading my copy of I Am America (And So Can You!), enjoyed most of it, but not as much as I bet I would've the day I bought it. I don't really care for the Daily/Colbert shows anymore.

Gary gave me 9 comics for 10 bucks today, kya. Death of Superman and Panic in the Sky and some Booster I was missing and also WAIT WHEN DID SUPERMAN SECRET ORIGIN 5 COME OUT WHY AM I MISSING IT??? Hhh. Oh well. I have lots to read tomorrow so that pleases me. Should keep me busy for most of the shift. 10-3, derp. Two whole hours to clean house woop.

Walked the dog, bought Mom some flowers, ate cheesy quesedillas.........s'all good. I'm just dead tired rn and my hand's hurting again GETTING REAL SICK OF THIS HAND I'LL TELL YOU WHAT. Oh well.

Who else is enjoying the shitstorm against ONTDs new layout high five


Aug. 20th, 2010 11:18 pm
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So my car battery may be dead WHICH COULD BE GOOD NEWS because that will mean it's not the alternator. Idk. Every year my car seems to break down at the park office...I think last year was the only exception in 6 years. 8| So I'll be driving the truck around and woop.

Oh I would loooove it to storm tomorrow like my little mac widget says it will. But I can't hope for that sobs.


Aug. 13th, 2010 12:34 pm
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I woke up from a weirdly linear dream where I was watching a news feature of Diane Sawyer interviewing Sarah Palin, except the production was really juvenile and mean. They were just making fun of her (like her teeth and stuff), and I got really annoyed. I was like "THIS ISN'T PROFESSIONAL IF YOU'RE GOING TO NITPICK MAKE IT SOMETHING WORTHWHILE." Then I was following them as they were talking. I think Diane was in a track suit. Sarah was really tired and had no makeup on.

At some point, they ended up around some school busses and were trying to hang onto them by the reflector mirrors on the hoods? Diane did it fine and got ahead down the street but Sarah was far behind and junk. I was following on a sidewalk that suddenly became full of holes. There were prairie dogs in some of them staring up at me as I walked. One of them got out and started barking at me for being too close to its babies and was jumping and biting at my pantleg until I woke up.


I have to clean the house before the festival today but my knees are so stiff.

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Aug. 1st, 2010 11:35 pm
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Ok August is costume month +2 )

The readings at mass were pretty much written for me and it compelled me to go insane and offer to actually, uh. Read them. We had no lector for the mass so altar server Ralph was gonna do it so I just...walked up and asked if he wanted someone to read them. 8'| And he was like okay.

And then I was like "UH..............but how do you pronounce the E-word."


"YEAH THAT HA HA............*slides to front of church...,"

But I did okay. I feel a little vain, but idk. I still feel hard on myself about a lot of things, too. There's still so much to improve. I need to work harder. I need to stop being so attention-hungry.

At the moment, though I'm just really tired right now, so...
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I had a very embarrassing moment when I saw footage from the upcoming Green Hornet movie...To be honest, I'm only excited for it for my father. I want it to be one of our bonding movies. It's his childhood (he and my Uncle Greg used to play Green Hornet in the house).

But I forgot to tape it and Dad's gone to the hospital because they think my grandmother had a stroke.

Rollercoasters every day, y'all.

In other news, Eminem's new album is pretty fierce.
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Today I finished A Feast for Crows. I ENJOYED BUT...uh. IS ANYBODY I LIKE ACTUALLY GOING TO SURVIVE THIS SERIES?? I'm afraid to admit I kind of crush on Sphinx for being a shiny brownskinned homeboy with a bow just because admitting is like signing his death warrant. 8'|
But now I have to wait until...whenever the next one comes out sobs. I think I'll reread Aurian to see if my high school self had ANY taste in literature at all. There was a cute dinky wind mage boy in the second book that I had a huge crush on and I want to relive it.

Dre sent me a beautiful rosary bracelet in the mail today *wears it and adds to Drebling on arm
I was using it while watching a storm roll in at work. It was pretty interesting to see how time passed and the clouds started to float in and rain and all that stuff. Quiet moments. Even something a little stranger, but maybe that was just me and my state of mind. Either way, I felt really good and grateful and hopeful.

After work my parents and I went out to eat. Dad won a penguin plush from the Madagascar movie out of the claw machine and gave it to me. :') It's precious. He's making bedroom eyes from across my bedroom, perched on the jewelry box that serves as a bookend for my animu dvds.

Somehow I have to scramble to get all of my chores done before work tomorrow and secure my weekly $50. I'll slap $20 into the laptop fund and keep the rest for gas/workfood needs. It should work. SOON, MACBOOK PRO. SOON.......

I'm so very sleepy. Maybe tonight will be the night I listen to my body and just go to bed when I'm tired! There's another storm going on rn so I can just listen to that. Yerp.
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S-so many friendscuts lately...Thank you for keeping me on if you did. 8'| I will attempt to be entertaining enough to earn my keep.

Workity work mcworkenstein. Not two months into this gig and I've already been stretching the limits of my sleep schedule and reaping the (non)benefits. I woke up ten minutes before a shift a couple days ago, being awesome enough to only be late by five minutes because close proximity and my title as Fastest Dresser in the West. I've taken to getting up at 7 every morning just to try to keep a routine, but my tendencies to stay up late are in direct conflict for that. I may end up having to get my butt to bed by 11 every night just to keep feeling well.

HR from BlueCrossBlueShield contacted me via email. No internship. Oh, well. I kind of figured I wouldn't get it, considering the long radio silence from the rep. Hopefully commissions will help me keep on top where the internship would. It's no $15 an hour, but it's better than nothing, right?

I finally got word back from my News Writing instructor about my final article and man. I cannot believe I got an A on that thing. For all the things she told me I was lacking? It feels like I deserved a C rather than an A. I MEAN I'LL TAKE IT but. Jeez. I really need an AP Styleguide. And it's so hard to really find the balance between "clever" and "leading" in a lead. LEADS NEED TO LEAD BUT NOT BE LEADING YOU GUYS. God I hate newswriting.

Lots of stress, anxiety, and agitation on my flist. I'm reading it all you guys, but I seldom know what I can say to help. :[ I know there's hardly much someone in my position can say or do in truth, but y'all should know I'm listening. And I'm sorry about all the troubles and I hope they get better, because none of you guys deserve the bad times. If I can do anything to help?? Hit me up. I will try.

And now an art dump. +6 )
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FINALLY. I finally got a 10/10 on a news writing assignment. IT ONLY TOOK LIKE 8 WEEKS OF LEARNING?? Fff.

I feel confident that I kicked some booty on the Hinduism exam except for like 3 questions. Woops.

Uuuh stuff idk. I watched Wolverine: Origins with Dad last night and HATED EVERY SECOND IT EXISTED. At least now I have a legit excuse to hate on it rather than just through rumor and hearsay. Lord it was a piece of shit.
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I'm really jittery and anxious right now and I don't know why. Hnn. *listens to Peter Gabriel to mellow out

Ah, folks getting comics from me--I might have to ask for a little money to cover the shipping. Like. A dollar. Or two dollars or something, depending on how many you're getting? I'm not sure yet; we'll see when I get to the post office and get my receipt and get things out the door! But it should be okay, I think. OPTIMISM.

Anywho. I felt really good drawing that up there. I mean, no way am I anywhere closer to improving, was nice to not utterly halfass something? I dunno.

Read all of Corinthians I today. I think I'll start taking the NT guides with me to chapel to follow along and get more insight into the historical aspects and how they relate.

The weather was so amazing today, it's unreal. I mean, yeah, it'll be gone this weekend, but. I just feel really glad to have been able to be outside for a bit each nice day. Usually I'd just hide indoors regardless, which is no muy bueno.

Fingers crossed that I'll have done okay on my math test--results tomorrow!
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Today is a good day. It's almost 50ºF outside! I could wear a fleece and drive with the window cracked a bit, blasting the radio (I listened to the Notorious BIG and enjoyed it, okay).

I walked into the rosary chapel doubtful, spent twenty minutes with miserable tears in my eyes, read Romans, and left with happy tears. For the first time in a long time, I can feel like...even though I've screwed up a lot lately, done stupid things, put myself in bad places...I can accept that for what it is and not let it weigh me down. I can shake it off and walk forward. That's really cheesy jargon, isn't it? But it's what I felt.

With that confidence in tow, I scored three (well, I should say one; two just agreed with the one) quotes for my article with hardly any trouble! I was so grateful. After contacting EMU's IT building and getting shut down, I was a little discouraged. Now, if Steve Wiley lets me give him a ring, I'll have even better material to work with.

I also went to the comic store. My pull list was, uh. One issue this week? But I still dropped some cash because JLI volume 4 was just standing there begging to be taken home. So it's sitting in the chair with me. I'm having a great time reading it; it's so much easier than reading off the screen.

Anyway, Great Ten, Green Hornet, Nemesis )
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My acceptance to Eastern has been interrupted by a missing transcript from Henry freakin' Ford, which is irritating. That was just two classes my senior year for college credit, people, and it's accounted for on my other two transcripts. I don't remember having to do this before, but I have to drive out there and ask for them to send proof of two measley art history classes. 8|

I had a panic earlier this week when Nelnet sent me a bill? And it listed the three loans I have with them and then the amount due--uh. Zero? WHY THE HELL DID YOU SEND ME A BILL I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK just. Why.

Aaand today, the Children's Place called to set up an interview on Wednesday. THIS IS A GOOD THING. Part-time blows but I need income, no matter where it's coming from. I guess working for Hoop Industries is paying off a bit. Kinda. Maybe.

I can't really stand kids ha! Ha!

Oh, well.
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That was slightgly uncomfortable, but nowhere near as painful as I'd expected. But hey. When you skip out on dental appointments years? You gotta pay up in a little pain. But! Not a cavity in sight. I have impossible luck with teeth, apparently.

Or, not so much? I mean, I was given referrals to oral surgeons about yanking wisdom teeth out. Told Ma, and she was like "uh, why?" and I said "uhh, he said to?" and she said "...well do they hurt?" and I'm like "huh. no not really."

So you know. Idk. Either I do this thing soon or not at all, because come 2010 I will have no dental coverage. It'll be up for discussion at dinner tonight.

For personal reference, apps filled and posted today:
Little Daddy's
C.J. Banks
Christopher and Banks
The Children's Place (Hoop retails owns this and the Disney store--is it wishful thinking that my company experience counts for anything?)

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Fuck Glee, I laughed more at Modern Family than I ever did at trying-too-hard-to-be-clever-singing-outcasts-and-some-cheerleaders. Well, naw. Not that mean. Just saying. Glee needs to tone it down. Or not. Idk, everyone loves it, so that's okay. I'll just watch Modern Family, since it's something my parents and I seem to equally enjoy. Though y'know, one episode isn't really something you can go on. Whatever. Lol tv.

Odd and the Frost Giants, Neil Gaiman's new book (hell, it was in the "new fiction" section, what do I know?), is short and sweet. But I liked it. I kept thinking Odd was like this adoreable little AU!Thorfinn pre-ohnoesDaddy. Read that bitch in 33 minutes at the gym, yeah! Aaand forgot to log my walking distance, but it's probably 1.5 miles.

The first due date for one of my student loans came in, set for January. Please, pleasepleasePLEASE let it be possible for me to defer payment if I go back to school. Otherwise, uh. Hm. 8|

I can't believe I ended up carrying that stupid bottle of Xanax around with me this week. I don't want to ever have to use it. And I do believe I could've been nicer to my therapist when I handed in yet another bill payment. But really, I didn't feel like dealing with her or anymore spending on anything. I got my car insurance to take care of.

I really like the Justice Society of America. Like all of them. Even Cyclone, even though I want to kind of punch her, because I can just imagine how annoying her voice is. It just reminds me that DC needs to make some damn brunette superhero girls. It's all blondes and redheads, and the Wonder and Batfams are hoarding black hair. The only brunettes that comes to mind are Mary Marvel and Renee. :\ Ah, well.

But whoever was drawing the latest issues needs to go away, because the torsos are disgustingly long. I recall this artist's work, but I forget his name. A super-elongated Supergirl comes to mind... But get him away from JSA. Igh. It's ugly on a girl for sure, but UGH on a man's abdomen. :|


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