Apr. 11th, 2010 11:51 am
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Mr. K has a buttload of photos from his old shows on his Facebook, including the ones I was in.

hideous +5 )

Hard to believe that was nearly ten years ago, some of that. Jeez. I kind of miss acting. So high-stress but so satisfying.


Jan. 17th, 2010 12:41 pm
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I went to St. George's Greek Orthodox church this morning as part of an assignment for my religion class. It was...quite an experience. The church itself was absolutely gorgeous, painted top to bottom and lined with icons and Biblical story imagery. Everything was very ornate and massive and beautiful, and I wish I had a better camera, but all I had was my phone.

here's a few )

Anyway, half of the celebration was in Greek, with portions read or reread in English. We had books with both the Greek and English on each side to follow along with, and the priest's wife helped me follow that when there weren't enough "kyrie"s to help me through. Lots of incense, lots of decoration and chanting, and lots and lots of signing.

I have so many pamphlets now, too, haha. When the priest and his wife were informed I was visiting, bam. Like seven pamphlets on orthodoxy and traditions. It's pretty neat, from what I've read. A nice insight into what was going on.

Afterwards, the priest kicked into Sunday school mode and I split. I felt a little awkward, though; nobody else was leaving, but uh. Yeah. The wife offered to let me sit in on the grade school teachings, but I had to pass because it'd already been two and a half hours, and my joints were screaming. You're not allowed to cross your legs in the church, so I'd been sitting in the same position for...ever.

Overall, though, it was a really interesting experience, and I'm glad I did it! I might even go again, if just to admire the building some more. And maybe brush up on a few of the Greek hymns, because they were very pretty.

o ok

Jan. 16th, 2010 12:39 am
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Take a picture of yourself as you are. Don't edit it, don't stop to put on makeup, just photo cap you RIGHT THIS SECOND.

mein gott )


Nov. 1st, 2008 10:01 pm
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Okay I saved like six decent pictures from that heap of ruin )

Going back tomorrow TO SAVE MY PROJECT and buy a shit keychain.


Oct. 14th, 2008 06:58 pm
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I started doing this bigass meme from [livejournal.com profile] iamfrompluto's journal but like half the questions were retarded and I swear a 14 year old wrote it so I deleted it.

Instead, have horsies!(and other things) )
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I'm not going to English this week. I have decided this, for better or worse. I don't need the bad vibes this week! :)

Oh! And I just got an email from my portfolio teacher cancelling class. I'm not going up to school just for English, ha ha!

For lack of exciting news (aside from Deadpool #3 coming out and me running off to get it for me and Nick cause he's working because when I want to skip the world ensures I can't see him when I want), I present...


First- Photos! )

Second- Drawing! )

Third- Meme! )

I'm gonna get cleaned up, cash my check, pick up my preorder of Sleeping Beauty (yeah. YEAH), buy the second volume of Toward the Terra, pick up Deadpool 3, visit Nick at work and laugh at his purple workshirt, and eat somewhere in there cause I'm starving JEEZ.

Oh also?
[livejournal.com profile] capeandcowl
Yeah. YEAH!
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SO I'm in a photography class using a kinda lame snap-happy camera until I can muster fundage for something with an SLR.

Had to pair up with people and shoot outside in assorted lighting angles with assorted fills blablaphotos with no editing oh no! )And he took pictures of me but accidentally left his camera in tungsten mode or something because everything came out blue and grainy and it was a pain to try to get the color levels decent without TOO much thought so...hi? )

So tomorrow I get my glasses.....!
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Can't say today was fantastic, really. I despise working car shows. The smell of diesel is sick, and I hate loudass engines, especially when it's apparently awesome to rev it as they blow past my booth while I try to read. Read is all I could barely do--I went through two and a half Everworld books in lukewarm frustration, as I had to set it down every fourth line or so as another dumb hot rod pulled up and asked "Is this where the car show is?"

Hmmm. Well, considering the large, colorful banner directly in reference to the car show, right out in front of the turn-in...

Nahh, not here. Of course not. Man.

So I had a (see icon above) face most of the morning, haha. I didn't mean to, but I just really wanted to read. Couldn't draw--couldn't see the references on the computer screen, so.

Alright so now let me tell you about the Rufus concert. May I begin by saying it was a day full of good times and no awkwardness, thank God, and I felt pretty cool about it. I don't know about how it may have went for the other, but I hope just as good, because I had missed hanging out and just being an idiot. And I was quite an idiot. Quite theatrical with the way in which I ate my fries.

But yeah, Steve and I meandered around Ann Arbor for a good four hours before Rufus, reading useless information out of books in Borders, spending an hour or so searching for an arcade, giving up, and then suddenly finding it. Shooting zombies, failing at DDR (which was just me), having the sky EXPLODE with thunder and fury and rain on the way to eat.

Then meeting up with his aunt and uncle at the theater for the show. The first opener was A Fine Frenzy, which was this cute little redhead girl with a very nice voice and a very dynamic drummer. He was more fun to watch than her. The second band was The Magic Numbers, and they were so fun, but a bit on the LOUD AHHH MY HEAD side. Their bassist was both a chick and super awesome. She was the fun one to watch.

And Rufus was...so much more than I had anticipated. I hadn't had much of a high expectation, but man. Seeing him live made a huge difference. He was so resonant and charismatic, funny and sweet. And a humungous fruit. His band wore very fabulous pants of bad melon-tinted stripes.

Let me also share with you the three phases of Rufus we had that night. Note that the Photoshop feature high pass is GOD when it comes to nursing blurryass concert photos into coherency. There's not MUCH, but they look a hella lot better than they had right off the camera.

So yeah...blur problems? Duplicate the photo layer, go to Filter-->Other--->High Pass, go to around 1px-5px, depending, and then set the layer ot Overlay. Blur-be-gone! Or...Blur-be-coaxed-down.

First, there was disgusting-yet-fabulous striped nightmare suit Rufus )

Then there was blonde pigtail and lederhosen Rufus )

And when he was chanted back on for a bigass encore, we got Judy Garland has no boobs Rufus )

And his singing was phenomenal. A definitely great night of music. Had Steve and I been intelligent and stayed longer, we would've been surprised to see him appear and sign cds and stuff. But no, we were not intelligent, and we got that phone call from his aunt. Oh well! I still had fun.

Mmm and tonight Ma dyed my hair. The box was purple, but she experimented and added some black in there so that I "wouldn't look like the purple people eater". She probably overthought the amount of black and now...my hair is black. XD I don't mind. It's fine. But I was hoping for...you know. Purple.

The before )

The after )

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Monday shall be labelled as "Adventure Day", because it pretty much was. Tim drove up in his beastly SUV and honked until I got out the door (and then some), and we all (all, consisting of Sam, Tim, Gene, Steve, and myself) drove off in the direction we were aware Calder's dairy farm was at.

Granted, none of us knew exactly, until Steve and I saw Exerter road and then we were navigational gurus. Or something. It must've been the recall of awesome ice cream.

And awesome ice cream was indeed acquired. You really have no idea. Calder's chocolate milk is pretty much pure chocolate cocaine, and the ice cream can cause joyful seizures, which, though they are joyful, have the potential of spilling said ice cream and resulting in sad times. I wish that they were nationwide so everyone could experience their amazingness.

So, ice cream was acquired, and we ate it as we traversed the farm a bit. Sam was afraid of the chickens and geese. Granted, the roosters were being assholes, but still. All she had to do was stand behind Gene and Tim and let them die if danger arose.

In any case, there's a big pond across from the barn, and all the ducks and geese chill there. Ducks and geese )

Steve and Tim fed them, and Sam went far away. Geese hissed at Gene, because he is Gene, and he just stood there.

There was also a big ugly emu )

Once our farm excitement waned, we left and yelled at each other "WHAT NEXT WHAT NEXT?" until we somehow agreed to go to Oakwoods Metropark. The toller let us go through, either because she knew me or she knew Sam. Either way, off we went. Browsed the nature center and all its cute little turtles, then asked if there were canoe rentals. Of course not.

We hiked through the nature trails for an hour or so, and chilled out at a spot by the river. Which was nice )

And once we had gotten back to the car, there was a ticket on Tim's car for four dollars. Harr. He says he will pay it back in quarters.

Got dropped off home, ate some steak and macaroni and cheese, which is now the ultimate meal okay. Then got whined into being picked up again, and off we went to the marshes, because Steve wanted to see the sun set there.

And it was very pretty, to be sure )

Which leads into yesterday, spending the day drawing Chemin, mildly succeeding, and waking up to rain this morning.

And all througout, I can honestly say I've demanded an answer as to why science has not created unicorns yet to four or five people. Because seriously. We can clone sheep. Where the fuck are my unicorns.
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A cat,
The exploded cake,
And a tactile graphics project.

Abusing this camera is becoming more and more fun. +8 )

I rolled up $37.50 in change today. GAS MONEY GO.
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...the sky, that is. Not a single cloud in sight. It's like...cartoon sky blue. Crayola sky-blue-marker blue.

Not an ounce of photo editing needed to make that sky look freakin' awesome. More--trees n' roads n' shit )

Mutter is in Florida until Tuesday. She called yesterday, since she and Auntie Carolyn and Gramma and Grampa all went to the cancer doctor to discuss the problems previously mentioned. He does not agree with the 5-month diagnosis (yay!), and has prepared a 6-weeks on, 2-weeks off chemo program that could possibly extend Gramma's time for years (double yay!). So that's good. Mom sounds less stressed.

Jumping tracks, Kinko's is a hellhole and don't ever go there unless it's a last resort. 3-dollar conversion fees, even though they have the Adobe software. What. And there's no way to get any glossy work done unless you make a freaking appointment. So I had to print off from a laser printer. I glued the image onto my mount board, and the glue made horrible indents into the ugly regular paper-that-should-have-been-glossy-but-Kinko's-is-a-hellhole.

I turned it into Mehall, who made the usual frowny noises as he saw the bumps, but accepted it anyway. He said if the jury wants it in the main show, he'll ask that I remount it. Fine. With glossy. Double-fine. I will bring my own damn glossy stock.

Jumping tracks slightly again. My final project in Design Concepts and Tech is origami. Origami. Origami. What. Why. It's useless.

Let's also pretend I wasn't trying to find everything in Kingdom Hearts yesterday instead of working on my animation. I'll be good today, I promise. I even have [livejournal.com profile] karasuchan's birthday present in the works, go me.

I was adequately punished for my lethargy last night, seeing as I spent forty minutes hunched over the kitchen sink, mentally yelling at myself to FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST THROW UP ALREADY SO I CAN STOP BEING SICK AND GO TO BED until Katie was done showering and I could sit in the bathroom and do the exact same thing for another twenty minutes.
But apparently my will power is strong, as I did not really want to hurl, and ended up telling myself that I didn't need to. So I didn't. Three years and counting, bitches.

UPDATE: Just got a birthday card from said gramma and grampa in the mail. The handwriting is almost illegible, and the card is for "Our Favorite Grandmother". DX;; Geez, I love 'em, but man...hahaha...

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It started innocently enough, )

but I was wearing a cool hoodie, and... )

But then I realized, )

And a new shirt, )

And now your eyes are dead. Merry Christmas!

Face play

Oct. 9th, 2005 01:28 pm
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Imitating the faces I'm apt to draw. And just...playing with expression. Like I do.

..Or maybe it's just camera whoring because I lovelovelove my hat? Perhaps. Click if you dare.

A 19-photo shoot. )
...Okay, yeah. I got carried away. I was only supposed to take a photo of myself for drawing class. =P


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