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Six hours of coding and breaking apart text and ahiofjweaghiuowaesdfji I WIN

It's not inked and colored BUT I WIN.

Frickin' thousands of frames WHYYYYYYYYYYYY DID I THINK DOING THIS GAME WAS SMART. I shoulda did a website. I coulda done that no problem.


This is why I'm updating--EVERYONE'S DOING IT )

So yeah this game? I don't know if it should see the light of day outside this class. It's kinda corny and...hmm. Well. It DOES have snails...
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How prepared am I for my math test?
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Four weeks to finish shit oh God I don't know if I can BUT I'M GONNA TRY. Here's some caps of the ones that're going to kill me.

Flash project )

Poster project )

I won't even touch the photo restoration chillin' in my flash drive. 8|

Also, you know how when your parents' friends ask you for something, and you can't say no because they're your parents' friends? Yyyeah. Looks like I'm designing a web template for someone, but they're going to have to go find someone else to code it and fling it on a server, since I don't know anything besides BIG FONT CHANGESSSS

EDIT I just had a revelation
If I can't get a job as a storyboard artist, I could get a job making shit photoshopped images for the Colbert Report/Daily Show. BRILLIANT.
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Pick dat nose, Thorkell. Pick it good.

To the relief of everyone in the class, Mehall extended a deadline on our "joke/humor" assignment. And. Apparently...That, and the "open" final are all we have to do! Nobody has mentioned the required-filming-with-Video-Production-Club, and I hope nobody will, and I ALSO hope nobody else has done it, or else I'll be in a bit of a pickle. That's right, a pickle.

Which means that I don't have to worry about huge deadlines on huge projects I cannot do on borrowed time, WHICH IS GOOD. At least I don't feel the pressure to withdraw.

It also means I need to stop effin' slackin'.

Oh, speaking of slacking, I drawed some )

I found Nestlé Crunch chocolate eggs in my Easter basketpurse yesterday. GLEE. They're so yummy.

Nick says "Thank you" to those of you that went and listened to his songs :D


Jan. 15th, 2008 10:33 pm
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Lots of stuff happened to-day! S-sorta.Read more... )
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Dad broke the internet at home because I said so. And because his computer is the one connected to the modem! Or something. Actually, we have no tangible clue how/why our modem doesn't want to connect us to the wild series of intertubes, because I troubleshot that bitch to hell myself, with an automated troubleshooter, and with some chick from Charter. So we must wait until Tuesday for the professionals from the internet to wave their wands and make it better.

Which, I guess, means that coming to school is a worthwhile endeavor to keep up with stuff. Because I can't go six hours without 34865743985 updates on Sheezy? Seriously? Was that necessary, watched people? Really? Oh well. I can manage it.

I guess that also means you can text me about how wonderful I am. Right? SHUT UP

On the plus, I tore through my web final. Just gotta do the phone-size and tv-size versions, a writeup, and...stuff. I don't know. I think I have the requirements SOMEWHERE. ...Hur. Or not.

Lalalaladoodles )

Daddy helped me record my voiceover for my commercial. MY VOICE IS WEIRD. Why didn't anyone ever tell me my voice was so weird? So it was weird, and Dad had me do like five takes. With my WEIRD VOICE. WEIRD.
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Despite my horrible bouts of laziness yesterday and days previous, I did manage to sit down, assemble, slice, and optimize the index page of my final. That just leaves...the other four pages, the mobile phone version, the TV version, and the banner ad!

Under 80K! )

The sketches I'm using in the final )

I've also been thinking that I might kinda wanna start one of those dailysketch/sketchdiary things. What do you think?
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I got payment from my client, which means I've completed my first graphics/interactive job, and the next one may very well be on the way, with a higher payout. I'm rather...proud. I know I've done work for people and their characters but it never felt...official, right?

One web design layout, five pages of it, a mobile phone resolution, a tv resolution, and a printer-friendly resolution. Hoo. Jake does like to make his students squirm. I can do it, though. I could actually enjoy it.

Two working class weeks left! It's winding down. Fast, fast, fast. But all I got to worry about is the commercial and the web stuff. Flash, I can do. The code is easy now. English is cake (just not delicious cake). Government is no worries at all; I've aced the other tests.

And hey, even if Premiere doesn't go through as a class next semester, Jake gave me the idea to do an honors study. Digital drawing, eh? That'd be fun. Do what I do for fun, for three credits to my degree!

I'm working on your cards, guys. :)

Consolation prize )
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I woke up from a dream dancing with Bert at Disneyworld. What the hell. I guess that just means those free tickets better still exist when I show up to work tonight. Also my cousin Patrick was working there dressed as the Mask? What? Why is he always in my Disneyworld dreams?!

So, hm. Safari updated with spellcheck, which I can't seem to turn off from any of the settings. I appreciate the desire to promote smarter spelling on the interbutt, but I don't really need it. HOHO nevermind I found the tab. SCREW YOU SPELLCHECK RED DASHES.

The new tablet is here, and despite being unable to load the driver (or...ANY driver I've tried since installation), the settings work just perfectly? I'm going to roll with that, I suppose, until I can find a reason to not be comfortable with it. Even so, Jake said he was gonna drop Wacom's sales rep a line and put in the good word--of which, I have no idea what he intends to happen. Tablet died, bought new one, the end? I don't know what to expect.

Jake also got a huge box of books from a colleague on Thursday and picked it up after he dismissed class and we went to lunch. So he just kinda...gave me the Flash CS3 Bible for free, instead of the $50 the book is worth. This is rather awesome, like on a really awesome scale of awesome. Too many awesomes. I guess it makes up for the fact that he wants three fully-designed web layouts and a phone-sized one for the final.

So these recent additions of weird features to links on LJ? That pop up mini previews of other sites? Was cool for about ten minutes, and now every time I accidentally roll over a link my teeth grind. STOP THAT. Maybe I can fix that. I'll have to look.

Oh yeah, 20th Century Fox finally is gonna go ahead and make that live-action DBZ movie, and Goku and Piccolo are casted, and it's going to be absolutely AWFUL and I cannot WAIT to see how bad it will fail. Seriously. Live-action! Why? Was there ever a need? WHO CARES, I'LL GIVE IT A GO.

And here's the consolation prize, because apparently 171+ characters just ISN'T ENOUGH. )

Oh, Thanksgiving break. What a beautiful thing you are. Besides Black Friday, I mean. Nobody go to the Disney Store next Friday.
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Yeahwoooo my tablet's starting to gag and not do what I want it to. Granted, it's four years old, but man. ):

All-day Flash Festival was..interesting. Once again, overwhealmed by code, but I got some interesting business cards. Met some people looking for talent. I got to swing the portfolio case around. Got compliments. Felt silly. My teachers pimped me out and that was cool.

But the tablet thing is making me irate so. So phooey.

Lalalalarrrrrrphhhhthhh )
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So uh.

My English teacher pronounces "cliché" as "clique".


the consolation prize, if you can find that last statement consoleable. )

Wow, I totally should've taken Nick on his offer to go to Frankenmuth instead of this class. WHAT WAS I THINKING.

Oh I voted for the first time yesterday. It's just as exciting as it sounds!

who the man

Nov. 3rd, 2007 10:57 am
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Yeah who totally beat the onslaught of server failures for online registration? Who? ME. YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT. I only got zonked out of the connection four times but I GOT MY SHIT DONE. You can't even log into the website anymore, not with a zillion refreshes.

I'm pretty proud of that, except for the fact that my schedule is disgusting.

Intermediate Algebra 12:30-2:30PM

Photoshop 2 8:00-11:00AM

Intermediate Algebra 12:30-2:30PM
Flash Action Scripting 4:00-7:00PM

Premiere/Digital Video Editing 9:00-12:00PM

I'm not too thrilled about the whole one-class-a-day thing going on; it'll kill gas. Also not too thrilled about 8AM in January/February. I'll have to get up at 5:30 and on the road at 6 to get to class on time.

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I'm a little peeved that Mehall gave me only a week to construct this new storyboard/animatic/floorplan thing. Because all my drawings are really fast and kind of made of fail (but judging by the rest of the class's penchant for using photos..) and it's HIS FAULT kind of because this is not a whole lot of time, all things considered. All things being my battle game screen, my papers, and my third graphic layout.

But whatever.

I did this animatic in faux-noir )

I need to find mood music. Probably some Dick Tracy. Or that Pink Panther song. It's got that nice 'tss-tss' bit on the drums that sounds all sneaky n' shit. Whatever.

INDESCRIBABLY not eager to write more for this English class. And my government teacher, who wants our opinions on universal healthcare in our own handwriting? What?
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My "client" is a wine distributor for the Detroit area, catering to young contemporary restaurant types. Classy, clean-cut kinda stuff.

First one my teacher assisted with, the second I built up myself.

I need input )

What should change? Is the symbol in the second too bold? Is the light box in the first too white?
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Interesting adventures in the Disney Store. Desperate moms trying to get their kids the shiniest dresses come hell or high water, not-so-desperate dads just trying to get any costume that won't be a wallet killer, and lots and lots of babies and little girls trying on outfits. Lots of cute little Snow Whites and Tinkerbells all across the store today. It was charming. Tiring, but charming.

The wind was wild today; it had my car teetering on the highway. Daddy put more transmission fluid in it; every month or so the fluid is all but gone and my car jerks around. It's kinda scary, yanno? But other than that, the car is super reliable, and I only have to spend about 16 bucks a week to keep the tank full. 30, this week, because I went everywhere.

I coughed up $220 today and purchased the Web Standard Creative Suite at the school store (so much less than I thought; I withdrew a hella lot of money to be safe) and got Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver. Only 1G of memory, which is fantastic (Design Standard was 4G), and now I can do my homework...AT HOME! What a concept. I'm really relieved.

It also means I can experiment with Flash in my free time. I'm rather excited to do that.

And since I withdrew so much cash, I'll probably keep some for myself for gas, to get Transformers, and to.......get the cute princess pins at the Disney Store SHUT UP.

Yeah that was all well and boring, so have a new character )
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I could say I've been ever-so-productive and arty, what with the Halloweiners and TAE and various projects, but that would make a liar out of me.

I can say I have scratched here and there, but not much else. The various +4 )

I also kind of wish Mehall would help us out with sound effects for animatics. I don't know how lucky I'll keep being with these things, and now I must seek out sounds of dishes breaking. Yarrr. Here's to hoping I can pull it all together today after classes.

Forgot earphones. Which means I have to hear things in English today. ):
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I finished my animatic with sound and motion, and every time I watch it, I get red in the face and twitchy. NOBODY ELSE IS HERE but I'm getting embarrassed over it? It's the closest any of my stuff has ever gotten to...motion? Film? And the music isn't my first choice. But I had no other tracks. The timing needs tweaking. But.

I think I'm just really excited to be making some small headway in something like this. Film? Why would I work on film?! It's rather fun...strangely. I don't know how good I'll be at it, really. You can look at it if you want and make fun of me or something I guess. ):

Maybe I'm just worried that Mehall'll think it sucks or something.

Oh yeah if I haven't whored it out everywhere in the universe yet, TAE has a pretty little home on redstar. And though five pages were put up at first, destroying 70% of my buffer, I slammed down page eight and shipped it off today. I think I can do pretty good! I think. I just gotta not expect perfection.
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Nick: Ever think that Godzilla wasn't really a 20-foot monster? Like...maybe it was some seven-foot tall guy?
Me:....................Well Japan is full of lolis.

Had breakfast for breakfast and dinner yesterday. Uugh, I'm not really big on the wide world of morning foods. Always too filling; never enough meat. Never. Pancakes are great, but man. Not for dinner! I felt like a blob.

Adobe Premiere may or may not be a product wrought from hell. It all depends on how long or short it takes for me to figure it out. But it is confusing, OH SO CONFUSING. My zoom-ins shake more than the Blair Witch Project. I must construct an animatic with sound. That I don't have. Huh.

Well I will just have to share the sequence and demand that you guys send me apropriate music. Cause you love me. RIGHT?

Some stuff )

Applefest is this weekend, and I will be in the booth Saturday. Kind of a bummer, considering it's the one thing that brings old friends back to town. The mystique of the craftladies and apple pies, I guess. So if you are in the neighborhood, see me at the Lower Huron entrance. RIGHT ON YOUR WAY TO APPLEFEST; HOW CONVENIENT.

But Sunday is off, woohoo. So maybe Sunday. Before church. Whee.

Halloweiners 2K7 is a fuckin' SAUSAGEFEST. Guys, make more womencharacters.
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I am very not cool with this whole "final level is like sixteen levels harder than the LAST level so your guys have no chance in hell of success ever okay die now" thing going on, Fire Emblem. I DON'T MIND IF PEOPLE DIE IN THE LAST ROUND, DON'T MAKE IT GAME OVER NOW. YOU DIDN'T MIND EARLIER.

I want to defeat the guy with the bug-eye, and now I have a Gandalf to do it. But stupid female main character is weak and shit and gets killed every time I try. ):

Tomorrow should be the arrival of the new game and this really impedes progress on my copious assignments. But now that I know what the hell a guide layer is in Flash (and how this knowledge would've been so USEFUL when preparing my animation), it shouldn't be too hard to just recompile some shit in Flash 5, instead of waiting until Monday to get into a lab.

Mister Wroble seems to assume that I am a troublemaker in class. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS COULD MEAN, JUST BECAUSE A HANDFUL OF MY COMMENTS MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE LEAD HIS LECTURE OFF TRACK. TWICE. My meager revenge for getting knocked on for using cel-style animation
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It makes my head hurt.

English and Gov't crap done, not to be regarded until Monday morning. Flash? Ehhhhhhhhh. Considering the massive amount of runtime errors Dad's computer has (SURELY nothing to do with the fact that it is DELL. NO WAY.), I may just wait until Monday after classes to start the Flash work. I have two weeks. Which means I must not get carried away. Which means I must lower my standards.



Sketchy shit of the same person? )

So yeah all that excitement for making progress in TAE gets to take a magical backseat to the stupid hulking workload these classes have ever-so-kindly bestowed upon me. BUT 4-5 are done, 6-8 should only take about two hours apiece if my attention span doesn't like...die.


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