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I am very offended by the temporary bliss that sinex offers and then RIPS AWAY FROM ME TO LEAVE ME MORE MISERABLE THAN BEFORE


Oct. 8th, 2010 11:58 pm
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BEING SICK HAS MADE ME CRANKY ALL DAY HURRR please to being not ill anymore thanks
1200 cross country runners in the park tomorrow..........
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i reached max album limit the other day in photobucket; apparently you can only have 2500 images in one album at one time woops
i will not be pissed off all day i refuse
i am not projecting this stupidity on other people


Aug. 6th, 2010 09:18 pm
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I'm being told to get off and let my hand rest more sobs but today I bought a haltertop dress that's really pretty and Sinestro Corps War volume 2. Fun readage tomorrow. 5am shift. hh.
i miss noodles
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mom thinks its carpal tunnel so now i got this hokey hand brace thingy on that makes me dance my hand across the keyboard to type
i hope it's just that because i spent like 2 hours freaking out about it near tears at work getting all worked up and useless hhh

i'm just really scared of my arthritis spreading to other joints, especially my hands. i can deal with my knees- i'm DEALING with it already and i can accept it but if this goes to my hands i honestly don't know if i can handle it

trying to draw tonight is gonna be hilarious :|
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well it's not really that gross i mean unless feet in general ick you out I'M BEING SENSITIVE TO MY FLIST OKAY )

Aaand I survived my six day week of nonstop shifts! HOORAY. The weather people lied (of course) and it got pretty warm by the time the pool opened but it was...surprisingly slow? For a Sunday? And all those post pays made counting up money at the end of the day a breeze. Woopwoop.

I got to finish watching Avatar season 3 and I enjoyed it a lot more this time around than before. I like the characters more. Heck, I dig Mai. I like her horseface. Hurr. And Zuko & Iroh's reunion had me tearing up like a wuss at work woops. I LOVE FATHERLY FIGURES A LOT OKAY.

Aaand...oh. My hair isn't dry but church is in 10min. *DRIVES 50MPH WITH ALL THE WINDOWS DOWN

PS I'm stuck between doing the August theme of animals or costume design. CHOOSE FOR ME RIGHT NOW HURRY GO.

Oh Kanye.

I need more church in my life
about 5 hours ago via web

Just don't wear your diamond teeth to church son.
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So it was a good call to duck out of work early, despite my distaste with doing so. I ended up with a hideous fever all day and I didn't really realize it beyond feeling really, really warm all day. Took some Advil. Feeling better, though I'm still warm. I should be alright for this hideous onslaught of a holiday weekend, 90º+ degree weather and everything. We'll see. I'M GONNA BE OUT THERE REGARDLESS BECAUSE MY BONUS CHECK RIDES ON BEING THERE ALL WEEKEND...

And then Daddy said we could go see Toy Story 3 or something on Monday. :>
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Instead of honoring the blessing of even having a job in this economic climate, Elle drives home in defeat hardly an hour in the shift, doubled over with a stomach that just won't let her sit still for even fifteen minutes.

Nobody blames her but Elle herself.
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Oogh. I'm redefining the notion of being "worried sick".

• I think my body's telling me that dinner every day is a requirement, because...ghnnvhg. This morning is rough. Hopefully I start to feel up to snuff in a couple hours, because I'd rather not have to call off work. You only get so many hours, and minimum wage is minimum enough, y'know? I think I better start nosing around for a second job (I typo'd that dog; dangit mom and Belle stop distracting me). By the time August hits, something should open up with all the baby college kids dropping hours to focus on their shiny, new studies. I don't think I can go another winter season without income, not with the way it affected my savings this past summer.

• Mom and Dad are back from Tennessee. They brought me back sommore things for my 'holy bling', as it were--I have a silver chain loaded with medals and collected things. They got me a colored cross (turquoise on one side, red on the other) and a new medal of St. Lucy that's different than the one I already have. It has the Sacred Heart on the back, too, so it's double nice. I'd like to hope that the weight of all these things and the jingle as I move and walk will remind me of important things, especially when I'm feeling extra petty or cranky.

• Riverfest tickets. Livenation is selling fourpacks for 93 dollars. I want I want I want. I want. Avett Brothers, Justin Nozuka, and One Eskimo for 93 dollars. I'm trying to convince the parents to take advantage of this and make it our ~mini family vacation~ since I. Don't have a lot of friends in close proximity for things like this. Unless a few of y'all would like to suddenly be up in Michigan and rock out with me for a night--this would be acceptable.

• Speaking of eventful Saturdays, if I can get one off in the near future (curse you, Jim--stop plotting my entire month of work ahead of me!), the fam and I will take the long and farm-filled journey to Carey, Ohio and attend a mass at the basilica. And this time we'll actually find it, not like...that little adventure last year that some may recall. Oh, Ohio. :|

• Aaa, I am starting to feel better now. Good.

• There's footage of the tornado and damage from the storm days previously. You can see my Uncle Bob's yard at :40 in the first clip! I recognize the other neighbor's shed. LMAO OH MY GOD MY GRADE/HIGHSCHOOL CLASSMATE FRANK AT 1:40 IN THE SECOND CLIP. He lives a few houses down lmaoooo FRANK UR ON THE TV INTERNETS. Dad: "BUT WHERE'S HIS PARROT SHIRT?"
Our little town making little headlines on our little corner of the world, teehee.

• Haha, now I'm feeling a lot better.

Ah, yeah, I got some questions from the resident [ profile] sentienttoaster that I can put in here, too, because surely you're not sick of reading this post already! but we'll hide it just in case )

And now it's music tiiiime DOUBLE MUSIC I FORGOT YESTERDAY lalala )

I hope everyone has a good day today.
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Rhuematologist tomorrow.


I know I should say yes to injections. Hell, I should say yes and have water drained, too. My left knee is so puffy and the water shifts when I walk sometimes and makes me stumble. I haven't had an injection in well over a year, and I know how helpful it is, even if it's just a temporary fix. It'll let me bend my knees and walk pain-free.

But I can't get over the feeling of that needle going through muscle and into my bones. It's the absolute worst feeling I've ever had in my life, and just thinking about it makes my stomach drop. I can feel it all over. It felt like my joint was being pulled apart. It hurt so bad. I can't make myself think long-term when I see that stupid needle and that stupid freezing solution and am laying on my back and feel my skin go numb when he freezes it and ghisjfdklmghsidoGKL:SDhfijokldsmgjdhsgijodsnklmgfdsghudisojklm;alhiuadisogfjd;klmgnjsdihaugfodjsk

I'm such a big sissy.

...My post tags have been hilariously coherent when read in the order they appear lately.


Mar. 12th, 2010 09:50 pm
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Sorry for being so quiet or out there lately; it's just a cold, but even so. The sinus pain has never been so outstandingly bad before, and it comes in waves as medicine goes in and out of me. Blarr. But I should be alright soon.
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I've been walking around all day with that sticky-eyelid prelude-to-illness feeling, and I'd love to do nothing more than freebase vitamin C to prevent it if this wasn't my longass schoolday. One more class. Mildly freaked out about walking to my car! Warm weather = more muggers?? I don't know. Maybe I should, like, check my school's security page for the volunteers who walk you wherever you need to go. I'm such a tool, but at least I won't be the tool potentially attacked? Whatevs.

[ profile] rawowner333 I bet you're reading this entry at some point today and let me just say THIS LUNCHROOM IS RONERY. But idk what you've been up to and my phone has no reception in here so OH WELL.

Uhh. Stuff. I don't know. It's always a little strange when people compliment my OCs or ideas; it's not something I can talk about in person, face-to-face, because I get frazzled and mumbly and start to downtalk it without realizing it. But it's just amazing to me that my stupid ideas seem significant to someone other than myself? Especially when I've been told "lol girl nobody cares about your ideas at your age" several times before. 8|a

But it does mean a lot to me, even if I just keysmash or say something stupid about it. I'm just not great at accepting praise?


Friendships were discussed in gencomm today. We did an activity and had to list 10 close friends? And I...could barely crack 8? Not without rethinking what it meant to be a "close" friend. And after we discussed the variances on it for people it was easier, but it did make me realize how my friendships work between friends irl, online, and between genders for both. And that maybe I'm just not good at the styles of friendships as most people relate to. Female-wise, at least.

I'm not very good at long talks or deep conversation or being able to come up with something insightful to say. At least, I don't think so. And when someone gives me that kind of support, I don't know how to take it well? "Thank you" never seems enough, because it really isn't.

And even if I don't converse doesn't make time spent around/with/doing something with someone any less valuable. The doing aspect of a friendship can be just as important as the saying. It's a more masculine approach, stereotypically, but everybody does it. I just hope I don't come across as too cold sometimes.

So tell me about what's been going on with you guys. I know I don't comment around as much as I ought to, but if there's something you wanna talk about? Bam. I'll try. I may not have great insight, but I do have funny icons?

I need to stop being so scared of the dark outside. Either that, or I need to make friends here. What the hale.
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Now more scribbles. NOODLES I FINISHED ITTTT.

a little me a little you )

Ewww Baccano! manga, what have you done to Ladd? Get out of my sight.
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This head cold has downgraded me from Minimal Effort to Downright Useless. I woke up at five with a feeling not unlike what it would probably feel to having spent a couple hours getting rocks thrown at my face. I wake up now with that clogged-ear feeling that no amount of cleaning is fixing and signs of this shit going viral.

Big surprise here, but I will not do anything worth anything today short of chugging the remains of orange juice and grumbling incoherently at things.

I feel bad for being so cranky at Dad when he asked what was wrong earlier hrnnn. And I felt good about my iscribble contest entry until I saw this one. Holy damn.

Jeesh. Remember when Christmas couldn't come fast enough?


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