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I really think I need a new prescription for my glasses. 8'| It's getting harder to focus on the screen to draw...

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I am all on top of shit right now. Not...all shit, but. I'm ahead/on top of my readings for 4/5 of my classes (no geography book yet), got some ideas for the group project AND possible feature writing. Not that I have to worry about that just yet, but...if I have to do a profile feature, I think I know who I want to cover. There's this woman related to the man who owns a gas station my dad frequents up where he works who was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant...and refused treatment until she had delivered. She's actually cancer-free now, so I think she'd have an interesting story to share, and I'd like to hear her side from it, since all I know of her is from what my dad's said.

I read a really compelling feature in my text about a woman undergoing brain surgery to clip a couple aneurisms and this...growth...on the base of her brain stem that had been scarring her brain and messing with arteries for 57 years and causing constant pain. The reporter must've been in the room for the operation for what he wrote. It was incredible. It's called Mrs. Kelly's Monster-- you can read it here. It's a two-article story, but it's a fast, gripping read.

The man doing the hiring for the student writer job contacted me and told me he'd get to my samples "when I have the chance", so I can almost get myself to stop obsessively checking my e-mail for correspondence. I'm still anxious and excited. I feel like I could do what they want, but because I've never done a writing job and my samples are only student work...I'm not sure. Hopefully it's enough. I want to get a foothold already!

I really want copy editing to be fun. I feel like it could be. Kind of. I mean, I'm not really sure how I'd do with legalities and libel, but that's why I'm learning. I glanced over one of the tests for an internship camp for copy editing (that virtually guarantees a job if completed; it's that prestigious), and it's...not something that's too far out of my range, except for the current events stuff. I have to start paying more attention if it's something I feel like pursuing.


It's not uncommon to not know what you really want to do with yourself at 23, but it still feels like I should have a better path already set? Especially when I look around me and have friends/peers already making a bee line towards this or that.

I'm going to try to stop being so scared.
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we had
a 2000-person church picnic today
on top of the 3-day carshow/swap meet
headaches all day
rude sirs being rude (but rare so it wasn't a terrible day)
but amagad
no mo' please

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Btw you guys Sufjan's new EP is yummy go listen
i will never make a post with intelligent words


Aug. 19th, 2010 12:52 pm
imma be tollin like this, wut
y'all patrons wanna talk shit, wut
pickin up yo kids five bucks, wut
it's in the rules so pay it up, wut
i can't help that it's reg-ulation
take it up with admin-istration
now please make with the coop-eration
and ya'll will have my appre-ciation


Aug. 14th, 2010 09:11 pm
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I totally drew today but I'm totally too tired to scan it so

today was so brutal and my body so sore and i gotta get up at 5am and do it all again so if you'll excuse me
i'm going to eat this roast beef sandwich and watch some slayers and go to bed
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Outfits +3 )

My hand still feels wonky and my wrist was being a pain earlier, too. Probably from sleeping on it funny. I'm going to keep the brace on at night and see what that does, but right now I just can't abide it. I need to draw or do something mang.

Folks were trying to sabotage my positivity right from the get-go today! The wind was trying to blow away all my money, too, which kind of made it hectic and a bit more distressing to have people gripe at me about paying. Folks always shoot the messenger whether they mean to or not, and I can't really blame someone for whining about having to pay just to drop people off. I can't change the rules for them, though, so I just had to apologize and get over it. Years ago it would've shot my entire day--last year it would've shot my entire day, but I'm over it. You can't make everyone happy, but you can sure as hell try to be pleasant.

It paid off, too; there were lots more friendly, kind people later on to make up for it. Some asked why I had the brace on and I said it's just 'cause of drawing, but they were sweet and offered condolences anyway. The awesome oldguy trooper (I SERIOUSLY NEED TO LEARN THESE GUYS' NAMES THIS IS SAD) stopped by to say hullo and get the counter numbers, but no long talk about cartoons this time. Too busy. It's cool though.

Watched more Gurren Lagann. Rossiu is still my favorite HATERS MOVE LEFT. I can almost not be bothered when he goes back to his village I'm just compelled. But it's work and I have a pause button for a reason, doho.

Now I know my little Mac weather widget's tellin' me it's gonna storm but I can't bring myself to believe these things anymore. :'| I will prepare for the worst of that forecast and bring ice or something.

I do need to clean up, though. Wash the icknast rust of booth 7 off of me. And then I think I'll livestream or something because I am really unhappy with the quality of work I've been dishing out lately :( MUST DO MORE


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Sent work/resume to Cinepro just now. Fingers crossed, but...Idk. I think I'm too used to rejection in the field I've dreamed of. But they want a concept artist. Sketches. I do that. I can do that. I know I'm not experienced in the business, but I can't be experienced unless I'm given a chance. Hhh.

Please wish me luck/pray for good news.
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Despite it being so busy (or maybe because of it) I was very friendly and pleasant all day, and many people were friendly and pleasant back to me. Lots of agreeable people. It made time fly and despite the initial hour of being parched, I was comfortable and didn't suffer the sun too much until it sank in front of my window. Around that time I got my friggin' Killjoy come to my booth and try to sour all the good vibes I'd had all day, but screw that. Be a jerk, but you're not gonna break my stride.

St. Augustine's book is still so awesome and it felt like what I was reading was written for me today.

Tomorrow it's going to be 91┬║. I work in the morning, though, under trees, so perhaps I can avoid too much sweating. Sigh.
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Ggg you know when you glance outside and you just know it's gonna be gross and hot and ick...I just wanna stay inside and absorb this cold air forever and ever, booth#1 be damned. And seriously, it is a Tuesday. It best be slow, even if Turtle Cove is like apparently the rockinest place to be south of Metro Beach.

Speaking of beaches. I believe I've had at least 12 people ask me where the beach is in our park this year. There is no beach. There is a small river. No beach. DIRT. MUD. NO SAND. WHO TELLS PEOPLE THERE'S A BEACH HERE. LAKE EERIE IS LIKE 15/20MIN EAST. YOU WANT A BEACH? HOP ON I-75 AND DRIVE SOUTH FOR ABOUT 2 DAYS, THERE'S YOUR BEACH. ENJOY FLORIDA.

Not really mad about it, just...after 6 years of working here I still get this nonsense. I have noticed people learning in regards to other stuff (like where our secret west entrance is sobs) but...someone will always ask where the beach is. And someone will always think it's $3 entry despite it being $4 for nearly a decade and $5 this year.

Hurr. Durr.

I felt so stomachsick when I woke up but I had some saltines so I feel better, but fuhh. I should eat something with more substance before melting outdoors.

This post is useless but it keeps me from staring out the window or chewing on my fingernails. Nail polish is kind of fixing this issue kind of. STILL FIERCELY BLUE.

Mmnghfe puffy left knee. Debating on whether Naprosen is worth taking today. Idk. I'll just not have dairy to make sure my stomach doesn't call mutiny out there.

I can't look at the Madagascar penguin plush across my room without the sense of noodles judging me through those lifeless plastic eyes


Jul. 22nd, 2010 07:20 am
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The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request ~something~ of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead. PLEASE JUST ASK FOR IT STRAIGHT UP I KNOW Y'ALL CAN COUNT COMMENTS TO BE SURE YOU'RE IN I WON'T BE ABLE TO COMMENT AND TELL YOU AT WORK YANNO.

Hhhh SYTYCD is just not the same without Alex. The entire audience has a huge boner for Kent, WHICH IS FINE but I'll be hella mad if Robert's in the bottom 3 again.

AGT sure does like to show off shit. C'mon, British and Canadian judges who clearly think they know what America likes. Stop that.

I wish there was some orange juice in the house to wake me up for this shift uuuuuu and man I got a 5am one on Saturday what is this nonsense I feel like I've been doing nothing but day shifts forever
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Sobs farewell blissful 3-day mini-vaycay. Hello afternoonie breaks. Hello hideously humid week. Hello following week with only one day off. Hello flist I might end up screaming relatively soon.

Shrine was nice though. No air conditioning so I kind of suffered, but I got a copy of St. Augustine's work which I've been craving for...a while now. I hope to enjoy.
Steakhouse undercooked my steak twice, but w/e the wine was okay. Slammed that shit down but didn't feel my usual giggly self when I do that--i just got real sleepy on the ride back.

OH YEAH Mom bought Sting's Symphonicity (sting stop adding -icity to things) album and it is yummy.
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One more day of work and I get 3 days off. YEAH BOYEE. last week in June I only have one day off? Overtime what? That's new.

I had a dream involving me getting awesome grades in a class for some reason, then doing avatar bendy shit on a boat, then walking around with Dre by my garage and my neighbors looking at animals. Ducks and spiders and dogs and a rhinoceros???? Idk. Idek.

Under the Red Hood was friggin' brutal, though. Will buy.

This post is dumb hey!
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Man. I love morning shifts. I hate getting up, but I love having the day afterwards. I went out to Target to get some underthings and see what they wanted for a bookbag (THEY NEED TO GO ON SALE LIKE RN), then went to Michael's. BRISTOL BOARD 40% OFF YEAH BOYEEE. I can continue those OC stills now. Also got a big fat ol' sketchbook so let's see if I can adhere to book format again. Stupid spiral binding making me use the book backwards. :|

Next week is the Greater Grace picnic at Lower Huron. At least 3,000 people. It's a big church. I don't know if I'm working that park, but man if I do...It'll be quite a day. Just. Nonstop lines. The only thing that makes it bearable is the fact that everyone is generally really, really nice and some offer me barbecue. :V I never had a chance to call anyone on the it before, but just being offered is nice enough.

Signed up for volunteer work at the church festival. Candy booth. I think. Idk the organizer has to get back to me SO LONG AS I'M NOT IN THE POLISH FOOD BARN IT'D JUST BE TOO MUCH. There is going to be so much polka and polish sausage.

Also, can I mention what an utter treat it was to pick up Deadpool's teamup with Captain Britain? Nonsensical and self-contained hijinks, how I've missed thee. Deadpool suddenly becoming British and going "Why do I want to drink warm beer all of a sudden? Why do I want to drink all the warm beer?" had me rolling and idek why. :'| I miss Deadpool. I should have a look at how some of those 800 titles of his are going. The one with the dog looks scary in all the wrong ways, though. ANYONE FOLLOWING HIM WANNA TELL ME WHAT TO ZERO IN ON AS OF LATE?

I had chocolate moosetracks ice cream today. Chocolate with chocolate chips and peanut butter cups. I don't even want to think about what the nutritional facts label looks like NOR DO I CARE.

PS the radio totally nostalgiabombed me on my way home.

I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I HEARD THIS SONG but it was very pleasant to hear again. :>

I hope everyone is having/has had a good day, and if not, i HOPE IT GETS BETTER.


Jul. 4th, 2010 11:51 pm
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Lmao seriously this year it was insane. We had 3 lanes open and people just kept coming NONSTOP UP UNTIL WHEN THE COPS CLOSED THE GATE i was just like WHY....
Cars lined the roads and all over the grass and i can bet they're still trying to get everyone out because ghdfk

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IT COMPLETELY SLIPPED MY MIND THAT IT WAS SUNDAY WHAT EVEN. Woops missed the early mass 11:30 HERE I COME. My brain has been so wired to "HURR HIDEOUS FIREWORKS ONSLAUGHT INCOMING" that the smell of Dad making breakfast was the only thing that made "Sunday" register in my brain. O wao.

Our operations office is now in possession of a plastic cane that my boss Jim has named "Human Resources" or just "HR". He's been threatening to whack my other boss, Al, with it since yesterday, and has sworn to take it out to the booth with us today as a means of self-defense against both Al and mean patrons. MY BOSSES ARE REALLY, REALLY MATURE YOU GUYS.

Another fun fact about working the 4th at the Metroparks: we go through daily stickers as if they were peanuts, so in order to collect all the audit stubs, we have these little boxes made with slots to put the stubs in. Faces are drawn on them. Booth 8(the awesome booth--the one I work at)'s stub box has been done up to look like former President Taft. With a monocle. He eats our stubs and gets fatter and heavier as the evening wears on. This is really mature behavior.


ANYWHO lalala )
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So today as I was packing up to go back to the office I saw a guy on the hiking trail.......walking backwards. Just. Nonstop. The whole way. He was still walking backwards a half mile down when I drove out of the park. I...what. Lmao.

Today was a pretty good day altogether, though. I started to feel that goodness in me again, smiling and lifting my voice for everyone. Tomorrow is going to be equally intense and insane because the weather will be nuts, but I will also be working with like 5 other tollers to handle the INSANE RUSH OF PEOPLE FOR FIREWORKS AHHHH. Expect scarcity and don't blame me. Just enjoy your holiday if you're holidaying. :V

Someone at the corner is shooting off fireworks rn though and my dog is having a fit. Derp. But I can see them from where I sit so it's cool to me. It's been such a long time since we ourselves shot off some in our yard with a campfire. It probably wouldn't be the same without Uncle Mike, but he took that job in Dakota, so he's gone until his next weekend visit.

We will order in pizza to the tollbooth tomorrow and be amazing despite the heat I sweah. >8|b

And now, lalala )
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I am just. Just so wiped out lmao I am tired of being tired and not being awake to do anything with anyone. Ggg. Up at 5 tomorrow done at 2, then clean the house, then church, then...die. *dies now
I've finally gotten a check that cracks over $400, barely. Small stepping stones. It's gonna be a rough fall, though, if I can't find another job to back me up on these two credit cards and the car insurance.
The sheer joy that I was riding on is really ebbing in the face of workworkwork and my silly little jittery moments about this or that, and I really want it to be Sunday for church already, but I have to wait. Wait and endure a long, long Saturday, and somehow find time to do my chores tonight and tomorrow before the folks get home and tread all over the floor?? Maybe I should just start mopping at midnight.
I don't have another day off until the end of next week aaahh and the heat is starting to rise aaaahhhh I haven't had enough time to walk lately aaaaaahhhhhhh.

Despite all of this, the sky outside is so insanely blue and amazing and today I saw a hummingbird up close and just two feet away from me. It's the first hummingbird I've ever seen in person before.

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May. 23rd, 2010 08:00 pm
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Oh man. We hit...80-something┬║ today. So hot. Should've worn the shorts. SO HOT. Ughghhg so many people. This week is going to be pretty hot and hellish for work, but the tradeoff is I don't work Memorial weekend BAHAHA. Except Monday. At the booth nobody goes to. HOHO. Veteran superiority.

I'm thinking when I get my check this week...I will purchase my Macbook Pro. 8)


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